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Frequently heard among Virginia horsemen navigating the labyrinth that is racing in the Mid-Atlantic, the sentiment “Well, at least it’s not Maryland” where internal (and frequently self-destructive) bickering has been around longer than Pimlico’s most famous patron George Washington.  Same for our neighbors in West Virginia who have big issues constantly with track management and, at times, their own Horsemen’s group.

Suffice to say the nomadic lifestyle long promoted by no live racing days, and now fewer and fewer live racing days in the Commonwealth, has sharpened the learning curve regarding the vagaries of nearby jurisdictions.

Add to the “at least it’s not” list our sister Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The Keystone state has long been a regulatory abyss compounded in some cases (and typically going unnoticed in others) by millions in slot money benefiting up the industry. And even the “benefiting” assertion depends on who you ask…

Ray Paulick, never one to be shy, delves into the mess today in a Paulick Report post titled “NOTHING AMUSING ABOUT PENNSYLVANIA HORSE RACING COMMISSION.”

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CoadyJeff(The Paulick Report/Ray Paulick/paulickreport.com)

I don’t recall exactly where or when I first met Jeff Coady. Some racetrack somewhere. I won’t forget the details of that first meeting, though.

He had a camera around his neck and a warm smile. He stuck his hand out, introduced himself and said, “Let me know what you need. We’ll be happy to get it for you.”

And he really meant it.

Jeff was working as the official photographer at whatever racetrack it was I was visiting. Could have been in Texas, Arkansas, New Mexico or any number of states where Coady Photography – the company his father started and that he and brother Jack had worked for since their teenage years – was track photographer. I had recently been named editor of Blood-Horse magazine.

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Photo courtesy of PAULICK REPORT

Photo courtesy of PAULICK REPORT

by Natalie Voss | 07.15.2013 | 11:57am

(Editor’s Note: Natalie Voss was a VTA intern some years back and spent a summer at Colonial Downs.  Her article is well done as we’d expect and some of the comments are accurate while others [regarding VA’s source market fee and CLN share of same] are not…)

It’s 6:10 p.m. on Saturday at Colonial Downs, two hours before the post time of the track’s biggest race of the year, and from inside the press box you can tell there’s a crowd outside.

Even when the band, which seems to be playing covers typical of wedding receptions, takes a break, there’s a buzz rising from the apron. Fans are two or three deep in spots along the rail, and the crowd thickens once the horses leave the paddock for the post parade. It’s not quite standing room only—a few families have brought folding chairs or quilts, treating the night like a picnic— but it’s close. There are groups of girls wearing fancy hats like the ones they’d seen on TV this past May; families with little kids; young couples out for a date.

On Friday night, the eve of Virginia Derby day, the crowd was lighter but its demographics weren’t much different. People gathered in clusters wherever the horses were, trying to sort out which number they thought was prettiest, or which one Horacio Karamanos was on.

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