NSA Racing Club, featuring the Pick Six Fantasy Stable

From Football to NASCAR, cricket to golf, fantasy sports offer fans the opportunity to stay connected to the games they love as more than just passive observers. That’s why the National Steeplechase Association today announced the launch of the NSA Racing Club, a free and fun way to follow the jumpers throughout the Spring season and have a stake in the outcome of the races — and with it, a chance to win prizes.

By joining, members can create their own Pick Six Fantasy Stable, in which participants build an imaginary stable made up of real-life, currently active hurdle and timber horses.

Here’s how it works:

  • Go to nationalsteeplechase.com/racingclub. You’ll find the link at the top right of the NSA home page.
  • After providing your name and e-mail address, you’ll need to create a name for your fantasy stable. Use your imagination, but be tasteful.
  • Pick six horses to complete your stable, and fill out your entry form. To weigh your options, consult The Horses in Training list for Spring 2021. The horses are listed in alphabetical order, in three columns. Hurdle horses are in columns 1 and 2; timber horses in column 3. Select two horses from each of the three columns. All picks are final; if a horse becomes inactive during the season, there are no substitutes. If you’d like to “handicap” their past performances to help in the selection process, please review the NSA Archives of Results and Standings as well as the current horse Ratings. A higher number indicates better recent form. You can also go to Equibase for charts of runners’ previous races.
  • Your stable earnings will be calculated from the date you enter the contest; thus if a horse collects purse money before you sign up, it won’t be included in your total. The contest begins on March 28, with the running of the Cheshire Races in Coatesville, Pa.
  • A grand prize will be awarded to the stable with the highest earnings at the conclusion of the season, following the Iroquois Steeplechase in Nashville, Tenn., on June 26. Smaller prizes will be awarded to the stable with the highest earnings each week.

“The (NSA) Board of Directors is excited to announce this new, grass roots membership drive that will hopefully broaden the scope and interest of our fan base,” said NSA President Al Griffin. “With our access to thousands of patrons that attend local steeplechase meets up and down the East Coast, we think that our Racing Club will engage them and keep them informed on the latest news via our web site and social media pages. The addition of the Pick Six Fantasy Stable contest should be a fun and affordable way to follow the sport.”

Beginning with the My Lady’s Manor Races in Monkton, Md., on April 10, all of the spring race meets will be streamed live. You can access the stream from the NSA home page. Also, almost all of the meets expect to allow fans to attend, although there may be a cap on attendance at some venues. So check out the NSA Calendar, and consider attending the races in person.

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