Douglas Lees’ Photos from Piedmont Point to Point

Coastal Moon and rider Teddy Davies, second over this jump, goes on to win the Amateur & Novice Timber. #3 Hafajay (Chris Gracie) led at this point. (Douglas Lees)
Paddy’s Crown captured the Maiden Flat with rider Chloe Hannum up top. The winner is trained by Richard Valentine. (Douglas Lees)
A trio vie for the lead in the Ladies Race. Cocodimama (far right) with Chloe Hannum ended up winning over Bridge Builder (left) and Aggressive (middle). (Douglas Lees)
Maiden Timber winner Indian Hawk has the edge over Include It. McLane Hendricks rode the winner and Chris Gracie rode the runner-up. (Douglas Lees)
Rokeby Bowl winner Just Wait And See, owned by Kinross Farm and ridden by Chris Gracie. (Douglas Lees)
VHBPA Flat winner Vincent Van Gogo leads the field initially. (Douglas Lees)
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