2020 Year End Economic Indicators

Thoroughbred Racing Economic Indicators: Year-End 2020

YTD 2020 vs. YTD 2019
IndicatorYTD 2020YTD 2019% Change
Wagering on U.S. Races*$10,925,226,444$11,033,824,363-0.98%
U.S. Purses$869,774,080$1,167,920,667-25.53%
U.S. Race Days3,3024,425-25.38%
U.S. Races27,70036,207-23.50%
U.S. Starts220,006272,553-19.28%
Average Field Size7.947.53+5.51%
Average Wagering Per Race Day$3,308,669$2,493,520+32.69%
Average Purses Per Race Day$263,408$263,937-0.20%
  1st Half 2020 vs. 1st Half 2019
Indicator1st Half 20201st Half 2019% Change
Wagering on U.S. Races*$5,055,522,519$5,672,774,271-10.88%
U.S. Purses$324,168,648$544,002,132-40.41%
U.S. Race Days1,3012,104-38.17%
U.S. Races10,90617,457-37.53%
U.S. Starts88,074130,239-32.38%
Average Field Size8.087.46+8.25%
Average Wagering Per Race Day$3,885,874$2,696,185+44.12%
Average Purses Per Race Day$249,169$258,556-3.63%
  2nd Half 2020 vs. 2nd Half 2019
Indicator2nd Half 20202nd Half 2019% Change
Wagering on U.S. Races*$5,869,703,925$5,361,050,092+9.49%
U.S. Purses$545,605,432$623,918,535-12.55%
U.S. Race Days2,0012,321-13.79%
U.S. Races16,79418,750-10.43%
U.S. Starts131,932142,314-7.30%
Average Field Size7.867.59+3.50%
Average Wagering Per Race Day$2,933,385$2,309,802+27.00%
Average Purses Per Race Day$272,666$268,815+1.43%
4th QTR 2020 vs. 4th QTR 2019 
Indicator4th QTR 20204th QTR 2019% Change 
Wagering on U.S. Races*$2,576,411,336$2,439,642,344+5.61% 
U.S. Purses$240,537,331$274,053,649-12.23% 
U.S. Race Days793910-12.86% 
U.S. Races6,8057,653-11.08% 
U.S. Starts55,53061,576-9.82% 
Average Field Size8.168.05+1.42% 
Average Wagering Per Race Day$3,248,942$2,680,926+21.19% 
Average Purses Per Race Day$303,326$301,158+0.72% 
  December 2020 vs. December 2019
IndicatorDecember 2020December 2019% Change
Wagering on U.S. Races*$751,865,995$707,728,171+6.24%
U.S. Purses$57,535,084$66,315,581-13.24%
U.S. Race Days229252-9.13%
U.S. Races2,0082,169-7.42%
U.S. Starts16,88417,561-3.86%
Average Field Size8.418.10+3.85%
Average Wagering Per Race Day$3,283,258$2,808,445+16.91%
Average Purses Per Race Day$251,245$263,157-4.53%

* Includes worldwide commingled wagering on U.S. races.

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