VHBPA Looking for Contact Info to Continue Providing Cancellation Awards Checks

According to Frank Petramolo, the VHBPA is still looking to award and additional $49,500 in cancelation award checks based on the shortened Colonial Downs 2020 race meet. The Virginia-based horsemen’s organization is looking for the contact information for the following people:

Albino, Rossi

Allard, Edward

Almerico, Micheal

Ammore Thoughbreds LLC          

Anderson, James

Averill Racing & CCF Racing Stables          

Bauman, Monica

Benshoff, Karen

Bowyer, W.I.

Bredeson – Sel Sol Farm LLC, Gordon

Brown, George

Chiefswood Stable          

Crooked Run     

Cross Racing Stables       

Diegidio – Fox Tale Racing Stables, Joseph

Double O Racing             

Dubb, Michael

East Oaks Stables            

Ellis, Michael R.

Everett, J. Christoher

Fanelli, John

Frosty Boys Racing         

Gibbs, Carl

Grier, Mark B.

Hakola – Lucid Dream Racing, David

Hawkins, Gregory

Hernandez, Urbano

Hibernia Farm   

Hudson River Farm         

Kahn, Brian

Kennesaw Mt Racing LLC             

Knight, Larry

Larson, Jeff

Leipers Fork Steeplechase           

Levy, Michael T.

MRQ Racing      

P R Racing          

Park, Denlea

Pascarella, Carl

Pathfider Racing              

Port Lairge Stables & Holwood Stables   

Rail, Vivian E.

Randall Manor Racing   

R-Cher Farms    

Rosa, Marcelo

Savoye  Jacqueline

Shannon, James & Ellen

Smeltszer, Naomi

Springer, William F.

Stonehedge LLC

Veazquez, Jose Werner – Hidden Brook Farm, William K.

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