Good News: It’s October

So, the Fourth Quarter in one of the worst years EVER has finally begun. Here are the results for September, the last month of the Third Quarter.

Thoroughbred Racing Economic IndicatorsFor September/Third Quarter 2020

Editor’s Note: As a service to the industry and in consideration of the economic changes due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Equibase is currently providing monthly reporting of its Economic Indicators Advisories.

September 2020 vs. September 2019
IndicatorSeptember 2020September 2019% Change
Wagering on U.S. Races*$1,039,737,336$801,998,134+29.64%
U.S. Purses$110,251,841$118,229,293-6.75%
U.S. Race Days365412-11.41%
U.S. Races3,1013,329-6.85%
U.S. Starts24,44725,231-3.11%
Average Field Size7.887.58+4.02%
Average Wagering Per Race Day$2,848,595$1,946,597+46.34%
Average Purses Per Race Day$302,060$286,964+5.26%

* Includes worldwide commingled wagering on U.S. races.

3rd QTR 2020 vs. 3rd QTR 2019
Indicator3rd QTR 20203rd QTR 2019% Change
Wagering on U.S. Races*$3,293,292,589$2,921,407,748+12.73%
U.S. Purses$305,013,587$349,865,237-12.82%
U.S. Race Days1,2081,411-14.39%
U.S. Races9,98911,097-9.98%
U.S. Starts76,40280,738-5.37%
Average Field Size7.657.28+5.13%
Average Wagering Per Race Day$2,726,236$2,070,452+31.67%
Average Purses Per Race Day$252,495$247,956+1.83%
YTD 2020 vs. YTD 2019
IndicatorYTD 2020YTD 2019% Change
Wagering on U.S. Races*$8,348,815,108$8,94,182,019-2.86%
U.S. Purses$629,176,645$893,867,369-29.61%
U.S. Race Days2,5093,515-28.62%
U.S. Races20,89528,554-26.82%
U.S. Starts164,476210,977-22.04%
Average Field Size7.877.39+6.53%
Average Wagering Per Race Day$3,327,547$2,445,002+36.10%
Average Purses Per Race Day$250,768$254,301-1.39%

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