Thoroughbred Racing Economic Indicators

August 2020 vs. August 2019
IndicatorAugust 2020August 2019% Change
Wagering on U.S. Races*$1,154,522,663$1,177,165,980-1.92%
U.S. Purses$104,515,752$128,293,370-18.53%
U.S. Race Days445515-13.59%
U.S. Races3,6074,026-10.41%
U.S. Starts26,96428,895-6.68%
Average Field Size7.487.18+4.16%
Average Wagering Per Race Day$2,594,433$2,285,759+13.50%
Average Purses Per Race Day$234,867$249,113-5.72%
YTD 2020 vs. YTD 2019
IndicatorYTD 2020YTD 2019% Change
Wagering on U.S. Races*$7,308,988,910$7,792,183,885-6.20%
U.S. Purses$518,901,054$775,638,076-33.10%
U.S. Race Days2,1443,103-30.91%
U.S. Races17,79325,225-29.46%
U.S. Starts140,022185,746-24.62%
Average Field Size7.877.36+6.87%
Average Wagering Per Race Day$3,409,043$2,511,178+35.75%
Average Purses Per Race Day$242,025$249,964-3.18%
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