Equibase Advisory

MEDIA ADVISORY — August 31, 2020

Contact: Rhonda Norby (859) 224-2856, Director of Marketing and Communications

Equibase Statement on GPS Technology

There have been recent reports about the timing accuracy of GPS technology that Equibase has deployed at several tracks. We are conducting an extensive analysis of these installations. In the meantime, we are increasing our quality control efforts with respect to the GPS timing data and have sought input from speed figure makers and others in the racing community. We are also working toward a more integrated timing and tracking solution that combines the times produced by the beam system with the positional data produced by GPS. The result should be better overall performance and a more comprehensive dataset. Finally, we will not replace another beam system until we are satisfied that the replacement provides a similar or better level of accuracy.

Equibase has served as the official database for Thoroughbred horse racing’s performance data for more than 20 years. It is a responsibility that we take very seriously, and we will provide updates on our progress with GPS timing.

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