Thoroughbred Racing Economic Indicators

For June/Second Quarter 2020Equibase Press Release

Equibase Editor’s Note: As a service to the industry and in consideration of the economic changes due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Equibase is currently providing monthly reporting of its Economic Indicators Advisories. The Advisory is typically disseminated on a quarterly basis to provide key metrics used to measure racing’s performance throughout the year.

June 2020 vs. June 2019
IndicatorJune 2020June 2019% Change
Wagering on U.S. Races*$998,448,300$990,923,384+0.76%
U.S. Purses$69,463,605$115,194,834-39.70%
U.S. Race Days300499-39.88%
U.S. Races2,4853,905-36.36%
U.S. Starts20,14627,726-27.34%
Average Field Size8.117.10+14.18%
Average Wagering Per Race Day$3,328,161$1,985,818+67.60%
Average Purses Per Race Day$231,545$230,851+0.30%
2nd QTR 2020 vs. 2nd QTR 2019
Indicator2nd QTR 20202nd QTR 2019% Change
Wagering on U.S. Races*$2,546,352,350$3,137,805,499-18.85%
U.S. Purses$118,929,007$316,882,492-62.47%
U.S. Race Days5081,260-59.68%
U.S. Races4,29010,167-57.80%
U.S. Starts36,10173,409-50.82%
Average Field Size8.427.22+16.55%
Average Wagering Per Race Day$5,012,505$2,490,322+101.28%
Average Purses Per Race Day$234,112$251,494-6.91%
YTD 2020 vs. YTD 2019
IndicatorYTD 2020YTD 2019% Change
Wagering on U.S. Races*$5,055,522,519$5,672,774,271-10.88%
U.S. Purses$324,156,658$544,002,132-40.41%
U.S. Race Days1,3012,104-38.17%
U.S. Races10,90617,457-37.53%
U.S. Starts88,074130,239-32.38%
Average Field Size8.087.46+8.25%
Average Wagering Per Race Day$3,885,874$2,696,185+44.12%
Average Purses Per Race Day$249,160$258,556-3.63%

* Includes worldwide commingled wagering on U.S. races.

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