Ask Your Delegate and Senator to Protect Virginia’s Equine Industry


Dear Virginia Horse Center Foundation Member: I am writing you because the Virginia Equine Alliance has been very supportive of the Virginia Horse Center and they have asked us to support legislation that is beneficial to Virginia’s horse and agribusiness industries. Below is an explanation from the VEA’s President, Debbie Easter.

Thank you,
John Nicholson
CEO, Virginia Horse Center

Dear Virginia Horse Industry Member:

Two years ago, Virginia lawmakers passed into law a bill that brought back horse racing to the Commonwealth of Virginia. As a result, Virginia’s equine and agricultural industries have seen new life, but today our industry is at risk. Despite all the progress we’ve made, the General Assembly is considering a Casino gaming bill that could result in changes that could hurt our industry and the individuals who work within it. It is likely the bill will pass and we need your help to ensure the language that protects the horse industry is not removed. Below is a link to a pre-drafted message that can be sent to your Delegate, making the case for protecting the progress that has been made for Virginia’s equine industry. It includes a link to an op-ed from Debbie Easter that ran in the Richmond Times-Dispatch last Friday. Thank you,
Debbie Easter
President, Virginia Equine Alliance  

To take IMMEDIATE action with your Delegate CLICK HERE.

To take IMMEDIATE action with your Senator CLICK HERE.

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