(Owner, Breeder)

BEULAH PARK, Race 8, CLM $2,000: #8 My Friend Bernie (Shawn Taylor, Anne N. Tucker)

CHARLES TOWN, — CANCELED — Race 2, CLM $5,000: #4 Star Money (Steven O. Romeka, Mrs. C. Oliver Iselin III); Race 7, ALW $28,000: #9 Baby Time (Sola Dei Gloria Stable (Hugh I. McMahon), Edward M. Warner and Linda White, Suzanne Dempsey), #10 Oykel Bridge (Christopher M. Keller, James M. Hackman); Race 8, Appalachian Handicap $35,000: #3 Autumn Affair (Holly Ridge farm LLC/Alice Overton, Holly Ridge Farm LLC)

PARX, Race 7, CLM $25,000: #8 Tubal (Lady Olivia Noth Cliff LLC, Lady Olivia at North Cliff LLC); Race 9, CLM $7,500: #1 Just Like Juliet (Susan LeBarron, Edward P. Evans)

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