(Owner, Breeder)

AQUEDUCT, Race 7, ALW OPT CLM $62,500: #2 Private Tale (Three Diamonds Farm, Mr. & Mrs. Frank Zureick, Mr. & Mrs.George Rayborn & William M. Russell)

CALDER, Race 6, MDN CLM $25,000: #8 Good God (White Hall Lane Farm, Whitehall Lane Farm); Race 7, W.L. McKnight Handicap Gr.2 $125,000: #2 Dannhauser (Prince Farm LLC, Audley Farm)

CHARLES TOWN, Race 3, MDN CLM $5,000: #7 Palm Sunday (Felix J. Nuesch, Felix J. Nuesch); Race 5, MSW $26,000: #3 Double Black Jack (Harold Everling Jr, Hart Farm), #4 Cliffs of Malibu (Kristen S. Wyco, Kristen Suzanne Wyco); Race 6, CLM $5,000: #1 Tomahawk Talk (Sylvia L. Johnson, Terry Allen Corbin),m #6 Circus Tiger (Anne McDonald and Tonya Withers, Donna M. Hayes); Race 9, MSW $26,000: #4 C M’s Queitann (Tracy A. Willis, Tracy Willis)

FAIRGROUNDS, Race 3, CLM $25,000: #12 Love My Life (Clark O. Brewster, Hart Farm)

MOUNTAINEER, Race 8, CLM $5,000: #8 Swap Up (L. Craig Cox, Morgan’s Ford Farm)

PENN NATONAL, Race 4, CLM $5,000: #2 Vestry (Nellie M. Cox, Nellie M. Cox and Rose Retreat Farm); Race 9, CLM $4,000: #9 Runaway Liz (Albert P. Coppola, Albert P. Coppola)

TAMPA BAY DOWNS, Race 8, MSW $24,000: #1 Solved (Lael Stables, Darley & Lady Olivia at North Cliff LLC); Race 9, STR HCP $16,000: #4 Boltin’ Out (John E. Tucker, Anne N. Tucker)

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