The Thoroughbred Heritage Horse Show is coming to The Meadow, the birthplace of Secretariat, in Doswell,  July 25– 27, 2014.  The new horse show will feature three full days of competition for Thoroughbreds who are identifiable through The Jockey Club Thoroughbred Incentive Program.

The Meadow, now known as The Meadow Event Park, acts as host to the State Fair of Virginia and several equine events, among other things, but this is the very first Thoroughbred horse show to take place at one of the most historic farms in the sport of racing.

The Thoroughbred Heritage Horse Show will feature a special ceremony in which all descendants of The Meadow’s Thoroughbreds (not just Secretariat) will be asked to assemble in the show ring for a group photo.  The organizers of the event are encouraging everyone who plans to participate to carefully research their Thoroughbred’s heritage to see if he or she qualifies to participate.

Penny Chenery, daughter of Meadow founder Chris Chenery and the driving force behind Secretariat, was an early advocate for the health and welfare of retired Thoroughbreds and was instrumental in the creation of the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation.  Accordingly, Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation at James River, home to two descendants of Secretariat, will receive sixty percent of the profit from the Thoroughbred Heritage Horse Show.

The showgrounds at The Meadow are situated on the exact site of the training track where Big Red learned to gallop.  In addition to showing and celebrating their own Thoroughbreds, participants will be able to see various original structures such as the foaling shed where Secretariat was born and the stall where he was saddled for the first time.

For more information, click here (Jockey Club Thoroughbred Incentive Program) and here (James River TRF).

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