AQUEDUCT, Race 2, MDN CLM $50,000: #3 Hooping (Marc Keller, Hickory Tree Farm LLC); Race 3, STR OPT CLM $16,000: #7 Normandy (Drawing Away Stable and Jacobson, Mr. & Mrs. Bertram R. Firestone)

CHARLES TOWN, Race 1, MDN CLM $10,000: #2 Sweettalkin Maggie (Tonya Withers, Donna M. Hayes); Race 6, CLM $5,000: #9 Lovely Humor (John D. McKee, Mrs. C. Oliver Iselin III), #10 Tres Rios (Kyle Yost, Sam E. English II); Race 9, CLM $5,000: $5 Tea Party O Nine (Donna Jean Swaim, Donna Jean Swaim), #7 Hilary Sylvester (Lawrence G. McDade, Rose Burns McDade & Lawrence G. McDade)

CHURCHILL DOWNS, Race 6, MSW $41,000: #6 General Ike (Fox Hill Farms Inc., Mrs. C. Oliver Iselin III), #9 Chas’s Legacy (Chuck & Maribeth Sandford, Estate of Edward P. Evans)

LAUREL PARK, Race 3, MSW $40,000: #2 Behooved (Tod Adamson, Mr. & Mrs. Tod Adamson); Race 6, MSW $40,000: #4 Gratzie (Joseph F. Novogratz, Althea Richards); Race 9, MDN CLM $8,000: #13 Jackadee (Jerry W. Johnson, Stephanie Nixon)

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