(Owner, Breeder)

CALDER, Race 7, Bold World Handicap $50,000: #6 Centrique (Miller Racing LLC, Lazy Lane Farms, Inc.); Race 9, MDN CLM $12,500: #3 Iwillpraisethee (Michelle Wilson, Kaz Hill Farm)

CHARLES TOWN,  Race 5, MSW $26,000: #6 The Real McCoy (Jenning Painter & Harold McCoy, Jenning Painter & Harold McCoy); Race 7, CLM $5,000: #9 Oykel Bridge (Christopher M. Keller, James M. Hackman)

CHURCHILL DOWS, Race 10, Chilukki Stakes Gr.2 $150,000: #3 Cho Cho Cat (Michael Americo II and Pete Horton, Edward P. Evans)

LAUREL PARK, Race 1, MCN CLM $8,000: #8 Winning Quest (James Hackman, James M. Hackman); Race 3, CLM $10,000: #12 April’s Dixie Bell (TradeWinds Stable, Sandy Valley Farm); Race 4, CLM $5,000: #1A Jungle Princess (Midwest Thoroughbred, Inc., Audley Farm); Race 5, MSW $40,000: #10 Ritual Way (David Gould Brittle, Mrs. C. Oliver Iselin III); Race 6, MSW $40,000: #3 Ilikecandy (Spring Meadow Farm, Hickory Tree Equine LLC); Race 7, ALW $42,000: #14 South Androw (Hillwood Stable LLC & Chance Farm, Chance Farm); Race 9, CLM $25,000: #7 Getaway (Morgan’s Ford Farm, Morgan’s Ford Farm)

MEADOWLANDS, Race 2, CLM $10,000: #8 Broadway Blues (Philip DeCosmo, Mr. & Mrs. Bertram R. Firestone); Race 4, ALW OPT CLM $16,000: #12 Tirsh’s Wish (Henry L. Carroll, Henry L. Carroll)

MONTPELIER, Race 1, CLM $15,000: #10 Searubyrun (Rebecca Shepherd, Run Aweigh Stable), Race 2, MDN CLM $15,000: #2 Mysters Maeve (Katherine Neilson, Margaret R. White), #5 Rhetoricalquestion (Noble Stables, R. Larry Johnson), #10 Wild Ball (Irvin L. Crawford II, Virginia Tech Foundation Inc.); Race 4, ALW OPT CLM $20,000: #9 Searubyrun (Rebecca Shepherd, Run Aweigh Stable); Race 7, ALW $500: #10 Prized Pupil (John Baffa, Sally P. Baffa)

MOUNTAINEER, Race 6, CLM $15,000: #1 Darting (Southwest Racing Stable/Genaro Garcia, Althea Richards)

PINE MOUNTAIN, Race 4, Crown Royal Hurdle Stakes $50,000: #7 Class Launch (Marlou D. Gregory, Mede Cahaba Stable & Stud LLC); Race 5, MSW $15,000: #9 Class Classic (The Pod, Mede Cahaba Stable & Stud LLC)

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