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CHARLES TOWN, Race 4, CLM $5,000: #4 Gator Gone Wild (Sam E. English, II, Sam E. English, II); Race 5, MSW $26,000: #1 Miss Helen B (Sherwood F. Bryant, Sherwood Bryant), #5 Mom’s Outflank (John L. Stahlin, Joy Thompson), #6 Stablemate (Sam E. English, II, Sam E. English,II); Race 7, CLM $6,250: #1 Wolverton (Battie Cody and Stahlman, Olya, C. Oliver Iselin III)

LAUREL PARK, Race 1, CLM $25,000: #6 Honourable (Susan S. Cooney, Susan S. Cooney); Race 2, CLM $25,000: #2 Copper Cooper (James & Teresa Myers, James W. Myers Jr. & Teresa C. Myers), #4 No Offence (Thomas W. White, Tommy White); Race 9, MDN CLM $25,000: #1 Complete Go (Raymond C. Bosley and Christina L. Pane, Mede Cahaba Stable & Stud LLC)

PENN NATIONAL, Race 3, CLM $5,000: #7 Saigon Story (Mason Dixon Stable, Lazy Lane Farms, Inc.); Race 9, CLM $4,000: #8 La Recoleta (Zapo Stable, Lady Olivia at North Cliff, LLC)

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