Frequently heard among Virginia horsemen navigating the labyrinth that is racing in the Mid-Atlantic, the sentiment “Well, at least it’s not Maryland” where internal (and frequently self-destructive) bickering has been around longer than Pimlico’s most famous patron George Washington.  Same for our neighbors in West Virginia who have big issues constantly with track management and, at times, their own Horsemen’s group.

Suffice to say the nomadic lifestyle long promoted by no live racing days, and now fewer and fewer live racing days in the Commonwealth, has sharpened the learning curve regarding the vagaries of nearby jurisdictions.

Add to the “at least it’s not” list our sister Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The Keystone state has long been a regulatory abyss compounded in some cases (and typically going unnoticed in others) by millions in slot money benefiting up the industry. And even the “benefiting” assertion depends on who you ask…

Ray Paulick, never one to be shy, delves into the mess today in a Paulick Report post titled “NOTHING AMUSING ABOUT PENNSYLVANIA HORSE RACING COMMISSION.”

To read it, click here.

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