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FAR HILLS, Race 1, Peapack Hurdle Stakes $75,000: #3 Well Fashioned (Magalen O. Bryant, Lazy Lane Farm), #10 Class Launch (Marlou C. Gregory, Mede Cahaba Stable & Stud LLC); Race 6, Gladstone Hurdle Stakes: #1 Class Fuss (Magalen O. Bryant, Mede Cahaba Stable & Stud LLC),  # 8 Class Cherokee (Mrs. George L. Ohrstrom, Jr., Mede Cahaba Stable & Stud LLC)

GREAT MEADOW, Race 5, International Gold Cup Stakes $50,000: #1 Aero (Alfred D. Griffin Jr., Eldon Farm Racing Stable LLC); Race 6, ALW $15,000 (Old Dominion Turf Championship): #1 Fall Colors (Bruce Smart, Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Smart, #2 Wahoo (Sara E. Colletter, Sara Collette), #3 Petite Lafleur (Karen B. Eyles, Audley Farm), #4 Hear the Word (Riverdee Stables, Althea D. Richards ), #5 Prized Pupil (John H. Baffa, Sally P. Baffa), #6 Rhetoricalquestion (Noble Stables, R. Larry Johnson), #7 Complete Dyno (Why Not Racing LLC, Mede Cahaba Stable & Stud LLLC), #8 Searubyrun (Rebecca Shepherd, Run Aweigh Stable), #9 Pima Facie (James H. Falk, Sr., James H. Falk, Sr.), #10 A Zoo Society (John E. Teas, Jr., Karen Jackson)

INDIANA DOWNS, Race 7, ALW OPT CLM $40,000: #4 Night Seeker (Alex Newman, Stephen Dawahare and Tevis Q. McCauley, Audley Farm)

MEADOWLANDS, Race 2, CLM $7,500: #8 Broadway Blues (Philip DiCosmo, Mr. & Mrs. Bert Firestone); Race 3, CLM $7,500: #7 Christmas Rush (Francis Abbott III, Edward P. Evans)

PENN NATIONAL, Race 7, CLM $18,000: #2 Aix En Provence (James H. Falk, Sr., James H. Falk, Sr.); Race 7, MDN CLM $18,000: #5 Mom’s Outflank (John L. Stahlin, Joy Thompson), #6 Maid to Run (John W. Tucker, Anne Tucker); Race 8, CLM $4,000: #5 Runaway Liz (Albert P. Coppola, Albert Coppola); Race 9, MDN CLM $7,500: #5 Vestry (Nellie M. Cox, Nellie M. Cox & Rose Retreat Farm)

SUFFOLK DOWNS, Race 1, CLM $5,000: #7 Somone Saweet (Arthur A. Duffy Jr., Carla Lou Morgan); Race 6, ALW OPT CLM $20,000: #2 Stormin Margaret (Adel D. Salim, Rodger L. Smith)

WOODBINE, Race 4, MSW $67,000: #11 Quasar Power (Gabe Grossberg, Estate of Edward P. Evans)

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