The $15,000 Old Dominion Turf Championship will feature new conditions for 2013 renewal Saturday, October 19 at Great Meadow in The Plains, VA.  While the race will remain the final race in the series restricted to Virginia-bred and Virginia-sired horses and continue to feature the largest purse of the series, this year’s race will add an additional condition requiring that entries “have previously started at a point-to-point or under NSA rules.”

The new conditions are designed to even out some of the problems that plagued the 2012 race when all the horses but one went off course. (The horse that stayed on course lost its rider causing the race to be declared a no contest.)

At the request of some of the jockeys and the Race Committee, the 2013 conditions were written to try to insure that entries had experience racing over an open course with sharp turns.

The 2013 Old Dominion Turf Cup Championship if “for Three-Year-Olds and Upward, Virginia-bred or Sired…Three-year-olds, 145 lbs.; older, 155 lbs. Maidens aloowed 5 lbs.  Winners uner ruls on the flat in 2012-13, 5 lbs. extra. Stakes winners on the flat 2012-13 10 lbs. extra. Entry Fee $75; $75 additional to start.  The result does not count toward a horse’s official record.”

The new conditions were negotiated by Dr. Al Griffin, Dr. Will Allison and Mike Pearson of the Gold Cup, VHBPA Executive Director Frank Petramalo and former VTA Executive Director Glenn Petty.

“The Gold Cup officials were anxious to avoid repeating last year’s no contest and with the debut of pari-mutuel wagering at the Fall race meet, it was more important than ever to tighten up the conditions,” Petty said in retrospect.  “A mass disqualification in a flat race causing an abundance of refunds is a difficult proposition under the circumstances and bad public relations when dealing with a new and inexperienced group of bettors.  This is a good solution for all the parties involved.”

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