(Owner, Breeder)

ARLINGTON PARK, Race 9, MSW $38,000: #11 Second Corinthians (Black Sheep Racing/Thomas Grossman, Mr. & Mrs. C. W. McNeely III)

CALDER, Race 6, ALW OPT CLM $25,000: #1 Big Notion (P.F. Quadrato, VA Tech Foundation Inc.)

CHARLES TOWN, Race 2, CLM $5,000: #10 Idle Dice (Debbie Rhodes, Glenn Thompson & Hill Haven Inc.), Race 7, CLM $5,000: #7 Star Money (Razor Blade Racing/Ronald Hardin, Kim and Rodney Nardelli), EXW 9, CLM $5,000: #4 Tudor Prince (Justine M. Hughes, Justine M. Hughes)

LAUREL PARK, Race 3, MSW $40,000: #4 Awesome Lion (C&B Stable, Larry  Johnson); RACE 5, CLM $25,000: #11 Chickwalksintoabar (Perfect Sting Limited Racing Partnership, James S. Carter Jr.); Race 7, STR ALW $8,000: #3 Giant Patriot (Luis & Susan Tapia, Lady Olivia at North Cliff LLC ), AE #14 Boltin’ Out (John W. Tucker, Anne N. Tucker); Race 8, ALW OPT CLM $40,000: #5 Hot and Dangerous (DSR Farm, Inc., DSR Limited Liability Corp.)

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