ARLINGTON PARK, Race 3, CLM $25,000: #7 Atlantic Tap (Edward P. Evans)

CHARLES TOWN, Race 1, CLM $5,000: #7 Bay Button Bill (Virginia Tech Foundation); Race 2, MDN CLM $5,000: #2 Cross Rd Rocketman (Donna M. Hayes), #6 Claudio (Mr. and Mrs. Sam Rogers, Jr.); Race 5, MSW $26,000: #1 National Prayer (Carlos S.E. Moore), Bold Harmony (David A. Ross), Race 6, CLM $5,000: #5 Black Tie Dinner (Donna M. Hayes); Race 8 ALW $27,000: #4 Wizwit (Lazy Lane Farm LLC)

ELLIS PARK, Race 3, MDN CLM $10,000: #8 Hero’s Wager (Tedford M. Randolph, Jr.)

MONMOUTH PARK, Race 2, CLM $25,000: #4 Pauper’s Queen (Susan S. Cooney)

MOUNTAINEER, Race 8, ALW OPT CLM $15,000: #10 Night Seeker (Audley Farm Inc.)

SARATOGA, Race 7, CLM $20,000: #2 Bonnie Rose (Lazy Lane Farm, LLC)

TIMONIUM, Race 1, MDN CLM $8,000: #1 Complete Go (Mede Cahaba Stable & Stud LLC); Race 9, CLM $5,000: #6 Star Money (Mrs. C. Oliver Iselin, III)

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