Race 1, Mdn Clm $5,000: #6 Good Gracious (Donna M. Hayes)

Race 2, Clm $7,500: #5 Nikoldini (Lady Olivia at North Cliff, LLC), Royal Circus (Donna M. Hayes)

Race 3, Alw, Op Clm $20,000: #3 Class Bopper (Mede Cahaba Stable and Stud, LLC)

Race 4, Mdn Clm $5,000: #3 Class Energy (Mede Cahaba Stable and Stud, LLC), #5 Cobbley’s Trick (Heidi Overfelt), #6 Bedizen (Morgan’s Ford Farm)

Race 6, Mdn Clm $14,000: #3 Vestry (Nellie Mae Cox & Rose Retreat Farm)

Race 7, Clm $5,000: #7 Giant Patrol (Lady Olivia at North Cliff LLC), A Keeper Partner (R. Larry Johnson)

Race 8, Msw $30,000: #3 Prized Pupil (Sally P. Baffa)

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