Courtesy of Brooklyn Backstretch

Courtesy of Brooklyn Backstretch

…and it’s not about the Virginia Thoroughbred Association.

 John Nerud recently kicked up some dust when he told the now defunct The Rail blog of the New York Times that Secretariat was overrated.

 Say what?

 OK, we love John Nerud and now that we are living in a world where folks think one mile is a “route” we really appreciate his version of reality where that very same mile was the “longest sprint.”  So we realize that Dr. Fager was his favorite for good reasons including that he won four championships (sprinter, turf, handicap, horse of the year) in one year!

 And, there’s the fact that Nerud owned 25% of Dr. Fager prompting the Hall of Famer to quip is was like asking him “Do you like your mother?”

 So in an interview with Neil Amdur, Nerud hurlded these two beauties out for cyberspace to chew on:

 Q:  How good was Secretariat, whom some feel was the greatest horse ever?

 A:  He was a very good horse. He got more credit than he was. I’ve seen two or three better horses than he was in my time, but he was a damn good horse, certainly a good horse.

Q:  Who were in Secretariat’s class?

A:  Spectacular Bid, Seattle Slew. I’ll start off with those two. Secretariat was popular, his owner was popular. He was a beautiful horse, a chestnut horse, four white feet, and he was popular. And he did a lot for racing.

 The most popular retort seems to be that Secretariat did set the track record in each of the Triple Crown races and that seems a fair measure when setting criteria for the “greatest horse ever.”

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